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UFC 183 According to Jack Slack

By: Jack Slack, FIGHTLAND

"At UFC 183 two very different fighters will collide as their long, winding paths finally cross.
"In one corner stands Nick Diaz, a man of erosion, a wave that breaks with unvarying strength and tempo against a cliff face, seemingly doing nothing until the rock begins to show cracks. Cracks become fissures and eventually the whole cliff face collapses. Diaz is a force of nature in the cage, not overwhelming but overworking his opponents. A hundred punches a round, and the body work and pace to make a man feel like he's been working for twenty-five minutes at the start of the second round.
"In the other corner stands Anderson Silva, a man of the instant. An opportunist. A marvel of speed and science. There is no grind or attrition with Silva, he spends minutes at a time baiting a trap. A single mistimed punch, a strike thrown from too far out, or a slight loss of balance and Silva will pounce. An instructor in the rudiments of the sweet science, Silva doesn't always practice the perfect method, but is more than happy to point out his opponents flaws.
"Both men have been called the best boxer in mixed martial arts, or the best striker in mixed martial arts. Let's assess the validity of this lofty praise."
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