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Nicky Rodriguez Reacts With UFC Fight Pass' McKenzie Pavacich Following His Overtime Victory by Points Over Yuri Simões At The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 Live, From The UFC APEX
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Tarp Or No Tarp With Nicky Rod | UFC FIGHT PASS

As much as he embraced his “Black Belt Slayer” moniker, Nicky Rod is equally proud to boast his Natty King image by popping the tarp off and giving the world a gaze at what clean training can get a person.

Whether it’s at an exotic location on his Instagram, in an Extra Rounds interview or immediately following a career-defining grappling match, Rodriguez seems to enjoy a life without a shirt far more than one bound to the confines of thread.

As a result, we couldn’t help but wonder what activities Nicky Rod does feel require a shirt, so we asked the Natty King, tarp or no tarp?

Dirt Bike Riding

Dress Code: Tarp Required

“Realistically, I would say tarp on. Just because if you’re on the track and you’re catching somebody else’s dirt coming up, it’ll pop you in the chest pretty well. I’d say for trail riding on a sunny day and you’re taking some videos, then top off. You can live the best of both lives.”


Dress Code: Tarps Off

“Baseball, definitely tarp off. Soak up some sun rays and look good swinging the bat.”


Dress Code: Tarps Off

“I definitely have never been hunting, but I will go in the future, for sure. I’m intrigued by archery; it’s a very primitive way to catch your food. Anybody can shoot a gun, but it takes quite a bit of skill to be a fine archer.”



Dress Code: Tarps Off

“Cooking, shirt off. Being home, in general, or at an Airbnb, absolutely shirtless. When I lived in Puerto Rico, I would go months without wearing a shirt. I would wear a rash guard for practice, but, besides that, cooking, going to the grocery store and getting coffee, I’d do entirely shirtless.”

Snow Shoveling

Dress Code: Tarps Required

“In high school, I would shovel the driveway and put a trash bag on, a couple hoodies and jackets to see how much weight I could lose. It was like my own little sauna in there. Maybe put a tarp on if I was shoveling some snow.”


Dress Code: Tarps Off

“Absolutely shirtless for fishing. Vitamin D is crucial, got to have it.”

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Dress Code: Combination of Both

“If I’m on a private jet, then absolutely go shirtless. If I’m on a public flight maybe tarp on, but if I’m in the bathroom, then definitely shirtless.”


Dress Code: Tarps Off

“Absolutely tarp off. Specifically, when it’s summer, skateboarding down the Jersy Shore. I’m more of a longboard kind of guy, I’m too big to be doing tricks and stuff, so I’m just going to shred some corners.”

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